Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March and my Journal: Day 19

March and my Journal

Päivän tehtävänanto suomeksi löytyy Hupsistarallaa-blogista.


Are you still doing this? Or did you get overwhelmed already? (I hope not.)
Anyway, it's time for another one.

Day 19: A list of things you saw today

And here is mine: 

Day 19

Again, the text is pretty small, so here it is one more time:

Things I saw today
- a very happy dog
- snow falling down
- lots of crap in sale in the flea market
- too many people in the same place
- pretty colors on the sky
- streetlights lightning up


  1. An early bird here with the list.


    I love your colourful tickets! Did you print/buy them?

    1. I did buy the tickets from Etsy, a year ago or so. Can't remember the seller anymore, but am sure similar ones are easy to find with the search.

  2. Mukana ollaan! Tulee vaan tuonne Hupsistarallan puolelle kommentoitua, mutta katson kyllä joka päivä sinunkin sivusi :)


Jätä toki viesti!

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