Friday, March 15, 2013

March and my Journal: Day 15

March and my Journal

Päivän tehtävänanto suomeksi löytyy Hupsistarallaa-blogista.

And now to the prompt I was so eager to publish yesterday :)

Day 15: Collect shopping lists here
(yours or ones you found)

And here is mine: 

Day 14

I nowadays tend to write my shopping lists in my phone instead of paper. Probably cause I usually lost the paper lists before I get to the grocery store. One Wednesday I made an exception, and this was my shopping list then. The background of the page is made with warning tape I bought from a hardware store.


  1. Love your red and white freshness! My shopping list is here

    Ihana puna-valkoinen pirteys sivullasi. Oma listani löytyy tuolta linkin takkaa.

    1. Kiitos! Punavalkoisuus (ja piparminttuisuus) on pop.

      Tykkäsin sun liststa ja erityisesti suklaasivusta :)


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