Thursday, March 14, 2013

March and my Journal: Day 14

March and my Journal

Päivän tehtävänanto suomeksi löytyy Hupsistarallaa-blogista.


Good morning guys! I'm sorry to say this, but I messed up, and the prompts came out in wrong order this morning. So today is for favourite things and tomorrow we will get back to the prompt some of you have already had a glimpse of. Sorry about this! The con of posts appearing on six am is that you only see the mistakes when you wake up hours later...

Day 14: What are your favourite things today?

And here is mine:
Day 15

(The frame picture is a magazine clipping.)


  1. You think anybody saw it? At least from this corner of the globe that would have been 4am, so you can rest without worry; even if I had seen it, I would not have taken it in. So,no damage done, I presume. Although I cannot say what type of morning larks read your blog...Today's task is nice!

  2. Here are my very "I am having a cold" biased favourite things for today

    I noticed in Hupsistarallaa comment felt that indeed, some people were early larks...

    I like your frames on your page, they almost jump out of it.

    Täällä on mun tämän päivän "mulla on flunssa" sävytteiset tykkäämiset...

    1. The problem is, once you publish something, it stays on Google Reader even though you take it out from the blog. So people using Reader can all see it. And there are some morning people checking the blog as well, as I got a message from my friend asking if we meant there to be two different prompts for that day. But that was just a small mistake, and those happen. No real harm done to anyone, I hope!


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