Monday, March 25, 2013

March and My Jounal: Day 25

March and my Journal

Päivän tehtävänanto suomeksi löytyy Hupsistarallaa-blogista.


Day 25: Which of these were part of your day today?
(cross them off the list)

The printable list, day 26
(Go ahead and print the picture if you like)

And here is mine: 

Day 25

Let's just say this is one of those days when simple is all I can manage.


  1. Ok, here is mine...There is unlikely be more ticks today to this list.

    PS. That polkadot tape is my favourite colour. I have to limit the usage of polkadots and lime green in the house, so we won't drown in them!

    1. Polka dots are always a good choice in my opinion :D I think I need polka dot tape in every colour...


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