Saturday, August 13, 2011

Seitsemän / Seven

Törmäsin tähän haasteeseen Bekah Dreyn blogissa, ja halusinpa minäkin listata omani. Seitsemän asiaa seitsemässä kategoriassa. Ja tällä kertaa vain englanniksi - aikaa, tilaa ja hermoja säästääksemme. Jos päätät jakaa omat seitsemän kertaa seitsemän asiaasi, jätä toki kommenttiboksiin linkki, että pääsen kurkistamaan!


I found this at challenge at Bekah Drey's blog and wanted to list my own. Seven things in seven categories. Only in English this time - to save space, time and nerver. If you decide to share yours, leave me a comment with a link. I'd like to see!

7 places I'd like to visit


7 things I'd like to make

*Friendship bracelets with spikes (like these ones)
*Knitted sneaker covers (like these ones)
*A whale pouch (like this one)
*A skirt guard for my bike (like this one)
*A pretty garland
*A hand-bound notebook
*A new dress

7 people I'd like to meet

*My grandmothers who both died before
I was big enough to remember them (that's two)
*Mahatma Gandhi

7 things I'd like to own

*A little wooden house
*A kitten (or two)
*A raw amethyst necklace like this one
*This camera bag
*This cat-shaped camera
*One of Cori Kinred's rock collections
*Long and naturally red hair

7 things that annoy me

* When I wake up very early in the
morning and can't fall sleep again
*When my camera's ISO turns to the max in my camera bag
and I take plenty of grainy photos without noticing it
*When taxi drivers don't follow traffic regulations
but drive like owners of the world
*When people think it's okay to be rude
for customer service personnel
*When people foist their faith or believes on me
like I couldn't decide what to believe myself.
*When I know what I'd like to say
but I don't know how to express it with words
*When I have a great plan that just somehow
doesn't work out and I don't know what to do then

7 films I love

*(500) Days of Summer
*Fantastic Mr. Fox
*Marie Antoinette
*The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
*Love Actually

7 funny words



  1. Awesome lists lady! And I would so like to meet you too!

  2. Saakeli miten hienot noi niittiystävännauhat! Puhumattakaan tennaripäällisistä!

  3. Mun listat löytyy

  4. Bianca:
    Thanks :)

    No eiks ookin! Mulla on pari vanhaa nauhaa jo, puuttuu enää niitit! Oi jos olisi tämän idean keksinyt silloin kun teini-iässä lähipiiri eli hevivaihetta. Ois ollut niin tyylikästä.

    Matkalla sinne!


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