Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tervetuloa parvekkeelle // Wecome to our balcony

Ei ole kuulkaa helppoa kuvata kapeaa pitkulaista tilaa niin, että siitä saisi jonkinlaisen kokonaiskuvan. Mutta jos näistä yksityiskohdista edes saisi jotain irti. Kuvat on jotettu jo kaksi viikkoa sitten (hups...), mutta jos ei oteta huomioon kuvissa tyhjältä näyttävässä ruukussa nyt rehottavaa perunaa, tilanne on melkolailla ennallaan.
Tuolit ja taittopöytä ovat Ikeasta, kukkalaatikot, ruukut ja kasvit Suomen suurimman Prisman kesäpihalta. Sain ehkä kevään pahimman ahdistuskohtauksen kyseisellä kesäpihalla, kun tajusin etten tiedä kasveista mitään, enkä näinollen osaa edes arvata mikä lukuisista vaihtoehdoista sopisi juuri meidän parvekkeelle parhaiten. Lopulta valitsimme kukat yksinkertaisesti värien ja hinnan perusteella. Ja päätimme, että on ihan ok istuttaa uudet tilalle, jos nämä kuolevat keskellä kesää. Vielä ei ole kuitenkaan tarvinnut turvautua tähän keinoon.


It's hard to photograph a long and narrow space so you would get some kind of picture of our balcony as a whole, but maybe these details will help a bit. These photos were taken two weeks ago (oops...) but there hasn't been that big change expect the potatoes growing like crazy now.

Those chairs and table are purchased from Ikea, the planters and plants are from a local hypermarket. I got really anxious over there as I realized I know nothing about plants and therefore have no idea which ones would be most suitable to our balcony. Finally we decided to choose our flowers simply after their color and prise tag. And decided it's no shame to replace them if these ones die in the middle of the summer. We haven't had to do that yet, though.


  1. Your balcony looks gorgeous! :) When my boyfriend and I were looking for a house to rent in our new city, the one thing I REALLY wanted was a sunny balcony for sitting and reading and writing. I didn't get one sadly, but hopefully the next house we move to has one. Yours looks so wonderfully sunshiny!

    P.s. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. It was a lovely reminder that I'm not alone in my feelings too. I guess it is a pretty normal part of life to feel down for no reason from time to time, it's just hard when it happens too often. My boyfriend always tries to tell me that it's okay to feel that way and that it's not a weakness. Sometimes it feels like nothing can help and I'd really like to feel happy. I would love so much to read your happy list! I'm sure we'll have some similarities.

    P.P.S. I have a big Finland crush - it's a place I'd love very much to visit! And very impressed by your journalling!

  2. Thanks for your super lovely comment, Bianca!

    Our balcony is sunshiny especially in the mornings, and sometimes it gets even too hot in there. But in the afternoon it's usually in shadow, so it's nice to spend time there then. Especially now when we have chairs and a table - at first we didn't, so you always had to stand and therefore the balcony was mostly used for smoking. But now it's nice to sit there and drink tea and maybe do some journaling at the same time.

    I know what you mean about sadness without a reason happening too often, I have that problem especially during wintertime when it's dark and cold outside. Then it's harder to see beauty in everything and write happy lists. I've tried to learn to accept it and let it go: I just note that "ok, I'm sad at the moment", but I try not to cling to that feeling and analyze it too much. Then it goes away quicker.

    My boyfriend alwas tells me I should think about cats whenever I'm sad. Especially little kittens goofing around. And he's right: thinking of cats makes me smile :)

    Thanks for the journaling comment! I started journaling again this spring and have managed to do that almost daily for a couple of months now. Jounaling is another thing that makes me smile, and my notebook is a good place to write down things that make me happy. It also helps me to handle my sadness whenever it strikes. My notebook it's kind of my best friend who I can tell all the things I never dare to tell anyone else.


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